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This is a great way to try a mixture of our lactation goodies before you decide which product is your favourite. Sample Boxes are a prefect gift for a new mum as it gives them a variety of flavours for them to enjoy. They are individually wrapped so you can easily  put a few into the hospital bag or nappy bag. For ingredient information please refer to lactation Goodies.

Sample Box Includes
2x Triple Chocolate
2X Cranberry White Chocolate
2x Orange Chocolate
2x Salted Caramel  
2x Original Brownie 
2x Hazelnut Brownie
2x Portions Milk Booster Protein Powder
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New Zealand New Zealand

This box was so yummy! Every item was delicious & the brownie was my absolute FAVE! :D


Thank you for your Feedback

Jasmin R.
New Zealand New Zealand

Easy ordering, prompt delivery, yummy taste, and good results - I couldn’t ask for better!

Jill G.
New Zealand New Zealand
Excellent product and service

Purchased sample box for my daughter. She is really enjoying the product and has done an order for herself. Outstanding communication and service. THANK YOU!!

Miriama C.
It might have worked too well

So after eating all the items in the box over the recommended period of time (i.e. not eating the whole sample box in one day), my baby got sick. She's 5months and has never been sick and was exclusively breastfed. But please don't take my word that it was because of the biscuits. My supply doubled so I knew it was working and I was able to express 'extra milk' for when I started back at work. I just couldn't tell if it was the biscuits or it might have been the pea protein powder because all the biscuits had gone and I started adding the protein powder to my milos and then I ended up getting diarrhoea lol. I think I might go back and try JUST the biscuits (or maybe the brownies because they are so good) and see how we go. When I was pregnant, baby didn't like cabbage and mushrooms so perhaps some foods she just doesn't like. BUT something in the sample box must've worked :)


Hello, the pea protein is very different to whey (cow based) protein and has more fibre so this may have been the cause for the loose bowel motions. The only other thing I can think of is baby didn't like the fenugreek (which is added to the cookies, brownie as a extra boosting agent) I would be happy to make a batch without the fenugreek on your next order.

Cat L.
New Zealand New Zealand
Great product

The sample box is a great way to test out all the Lactation options before committing to one flavour or type. Loooooved the brownies! They are moist and chocolatey and delicious!


Yes the brownie is super moist and delicious I'm struggling to create a longer shelf life with out compromising the flavour and texture. But once you have one they don't usually last very long ;-) Thank you for your feedback