How many cookies do I eat?

We recommend taking 2-3 cookies on the first day. 

Then 1-2 daily 


Some mothers notice an increase overnight and others may take a couple of days to see/ feel a difference. Remember each “Mumma bear” is unique and made-up differently so we can not guarantee an increase in milk supply. The cookies are designed as an additional supplement to assist and help boost your already established breastfeeding routine. 

If you are having trouble with your breastfeeding, low milk supply and in any doubt please contact your midwife, GP or lactation consultant. 

The muesli and protein powder are additional nutrition to your daily diet. A lot of mums especially first time mums focus so much on the baby that they forget to eat regular meals and snacks.  

Can my family eat them?

Yes, they can eat them without the fear of getting wet patches on their top. 

They are a nutritious cookie with natural galactagogues that assist the breastfeeding mum. 

Pea Protein Powder do I need this?

This is really a personal preference.

 Nursing mums need 15g/day more than the non-breast feeding mum.

 Pea Protein Powder is an easy way to add additional protein into your diet without the extra sugar, carbohydrate, and dairy. Also for mums finding their babies tummy is getting unsettled after they have consumed dairy the pea protein is dairy-free and Vegan-friendly. It gives Vegan mums an easy source of protein and essential amino acids that are used whilst breastfeeding. Check out our smoothie recipes 

Wheat Free or Gluten-Free? 

Our cookies are 100% oat-based, therefore, making them wheat-free. If you can tolerate oats then our products are ideal for you as we do not use any other source of flour. If you are celiac please email us and we can make lactation goodies suitable for you. Currently, our brewer's yeast is gluten-free but not 100% guaranteed so we would like to discuss this with you via messenger or emails. 

When do I start using the products?

Each person is uniquely different. Some mothers have started consuming 2 weeks prior to their due date to help with when their milk first comes in. Others start after a couple of weeks when their supply starts dipping. It is all really the individual choice of when you feel the need to start?


Made with love 

The shelf life of our cookies is 9 months as we use real ingredients and have no additives or artificial “stuff” in them. They are made with wholesome everyday ingredients hence the shorter shelf life. But the great news is that they freeze perfectly for up to 3 months that is if you can resist.